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European Holiday Home Association

The European Holiday Home Association (EHHA) is a united voice of short-term rentals in Europe. Short-term rental accommodation represents about one quarter of all tourist accommodation in the EU. EHHA members are national associations which represent property managers and property owners, online short-term rental platforms and companies which provide ancillary services to short-term rental accommodation providers (it can be a provision of a software, cleaning services, provision of linen, guest facing technology and many more).

EHHA members are playing a vital role by providing accommodation offerings that are widely dispersed across European towns and regions (not just in city centres), and by funnelling the economic benefits of travel into wider communities by encouraging local spending and contributing income to short-term rental providers.

We continuously engage with policy makers to support harmonized, proportionate, clear and justified regulation at all levels. We trust this will ensure the safe and sustainable growth of STR activity, such that it can contribute to Europe’s recovery, while providing authorities with the necessary transparency and oversight they need to enforce local rules.