Vitur Summit

Vitur Summit Objectives

International Event

An international event on short term rentals, serviced apartments and alternative accommodation in Europe is needed to spread the bene fits that our industry generates in society. Both national and international politicians to be involved in the impact of our sector.

A sector with European recognition

To promote the importance of how our industry works with European institutions, as one of the fastest growing sectors both, globally and nationally; with increase in bookings of 12,4% globally by 2031.

To highlight the contribution of the industry

Quantify the contribution to the economy and the social distribution of the benefits of tourism.

Meeting point for professionals

Implement a place where professionals can listen to the CEOs of the main companies, as well as the gurus of the sector. Networking where new trends and the future visions of the leaders of our industry are shared.

Consolidate positive messages from the sector

Reaching top-level politicians, personalities and the press, with a message of achieving a coherent and orderly regularization of the sector.

Creation of regulations agreed within the industry.

Train and Educate
To the Property Managers of the sector and casual hosts at European level, through workshops on taxation, market research, new solutions and trends, etc.