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At Vitur Summit, we believe in a reality where the Short-Term Rental/accommodation industry is fully sustainable. That’s why we want not only to lower our event’s carbon footprint, but also raise awareness among industry professionals that a greener future is possible for our sector.

These are the actions we’re taking:


Tech & Sustainability 

In order to raise awareness of the ways in which professionals of the sector are able to reduce their environmental impact and make the accommodation industry more sustainable we’ve incorporated to our main agenda a sustainability panel.

Carbon footprint


Info & Registration 

We use a mobile app to give all attendees an easier way for registration and identification, and to make accessible the information they need for our event. This way we avoid unnecessary paper waste.

At the same time, in order to guarantee the attendees access to all areas of the event, in case they have technical problems with their devices, we decided to hand lanyards. They will be made from recycled paper and fully recyclable to ensure we keep our environmental impact to a minimum



We work with local catering services and providers to guarantee the products we offer are as sustainable as they can be. We have also closed deals with said providers to ensure all the remaining food doesn’t go to waste and is donated to charity.


Green Hosting 

The hosting provider for the Vitur Summit 2023 website works with 100% green energy on all their servers. This is guaranteed by The Green Web Foundation, which certifies the sustainability of a given server host.

Know more about them and check your website clicking here

Sustainable Living Experience

The Vitur Sustainable Living Experience is a built apartment in the centre of the event by Kave Homes. In collaboration with Sustonica, the property has been equipped with a number of elements that showcase different ways to reduce the environmental impact of tourist rental properties. Owners and managers of tourist properties can improve their Sustonica score by implementing these sustainable solutions. The Vitur Sustainable Living Experience is a sign of Vitur's commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the tourist rental industry.

Did you know that many of Vitur's partners, exhibitors and sponsors are dedicated exclusively to sustainability and that most of them have a strong commitment to it?


ASSA ABLOY has had its science-based targets ratified by the Science-Based Targets initiative, aligned to a 1.5°C trajectory. During 2022, the company has reduced its absolute carbon footprint by 20% against the 2019 baseline and reduced water intensity by 40% over the same period. In addition, ASSA ABLOY is a member of the Dow Jones Europe Sustainability Index for the second consecutive year, meaning it is among the top 20% of the 600 largest European companies leading the field in terms of sustainability.


Avantio is always working to reduce its environmental impact, implementing measures such as remote and flexible working, car sharing and reducing the use of paper. It has also integrated's sustainable travel programme into its Channel Manager to increase the visibility of sustainable properties on its platform.

Ayuntamiento de Málaga - Área Turismo

It offers different areas and services related to environmental and public health care, including pest control, sanitary surveillance, pollution control, maintenance of green areas and environmental education to promote a more responsible and sustainable awareness.

BOOKING is committed to working sustainably and building a culture of sustainability, leading by example by setting carbon reduction targets and collaborating with partners and industry to increase sustainable travel options and develop solutions for the decarbonisation of the industry.

Consejería de Turismo - Turismo Andaluz

La Consejería de Turismo de Andalucía promotes the General Plan for Sustainable Tourism to guarantee a competitive and sustainable tourism model from a social, environmental and economic point of view. It also promotes sustainable tourism and offers information on how to travel in a more sustainable way to discover Andalusia, respecting its values and reducing its environmental impact.


The housekeeping operations platform optimises the delivery of bed linen for holiday flats to minimise the carbon footprint. More than 10% of these deliveries are made using environmentally friendly bicycles. Doinn also has favourable conditions and prioritises service requests to cleaning companies committed to environmental sustainability.

HM Hospitals

HM Hospitals includes improving user satisfaction in its strategic plan, and analyses the Sustainable Development Goals to which it can contribute, with a focus on health and well-being, quality education and innovation in infrastructure, in addition to other goals related to its activity.

Of course, HM Hospitals indirectly contributes to other SDGs through its activity, such as poverty elimination, zero hunger, gender equality, access to clean water and sanitation, responsible production and consumption, access to clean energy and decent work and economic growth.

Holiday Hub

The Global Holiday Hub offers a wide selection of celebration products, which are carefully selected to ensure quality, affordability and sustainability standards. In addition, the company is committed to minimising its environmental impact by sourcing products from suppliers who share its values of sustainability and ethical business practices, and by reducing waste and carbon footprint in its operations.

Homes and Villas - Marriot

Marriott International is expanding and focusing its approach to sustainability to help event organisers run their events with as little environmental impact as possible. Marriott aims to source 50% of its agricultural products locally by 2025 and has several more ambitious goals, including cutting food waste in half, certifying 100% of its portfolio as sustainable, sourcing 95% of its 10 priority categories responsibly and reducing waste to landfill by 45%. Marriott has implemented programmes at its hotels that drive progress towards its sustainability goals, such as food waste reduction and energy management systems. Marriott is incorporating sustainable meeting practices into its standards to provide responsible and exemplary experiences for event attendees.


ICNEA has set up a partnership with Treedom to plant trees and improve community development, and has migrated its data and software to 100% functional servers with renewable energy in collaboration with Equinix. As an ICNEA customer, you are also given the opportunity to receive a tree and contribute to the creation of their forest.


iLOQ takes a holistic approach to sustainability by considering all environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors, not only in its own day-to-day operations, but also throughout its supply chain and throughout the life cycle of its solutions. Its technology and product solutions are designed with sustainable lifecycle performance in mind.



Kave Home is committed to sustainability and social responsibility in everything it does through Kave Cares. The company designs products made from recycled and recyclable materials and collaborates with community projects. Kave Home is committed to minimising the environmental impact of the furniture industry and strives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Kave Cares' commitments are grouped into four main areas: design, process, talent and community. All products follow conscious and responsible production processes and use natural, recycled, certified and/or sustainable materials.


Minut, a Swedish noise monitoring company, has announced its integration with Tado, a German provider of smart climate solutions. The integration aims to save energy by turning off air conditioning when guests automatically check out of short-term rentals. Tado's systems can remotely operate heating and cooling systems that help reduce energy consumption by up to 31%. The first version of the integration will automatically turn off air conditioning. In the future, the companies plan to use motion, sound, temperature and humidity readings to optimise guest comfort while saving energy.


ModoSmart helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by reducing energy consumption in air conditioning in holiday homes.


Move Transfer refers to the relocation of people, technologies, knowledge and sustainable practices from places where they are already working to other areas that need to develop sustainable capacities. This process can improve sustainability by enabling the transfer of effective solutions to new situations and reducing the need to develop solutions from scratch.


Not only Okify cares about its customers, but also for the environment. They collaborate with suppliers who prioritise sustainable and smart consumption and contribute to making the world a nicer place.


Opago is a company that is dedicated to provide solutions to customers while being conscious of their ecological footprint. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do and they aim to be a green company that does everything they can for the environment. The company has implemented various eco-friendly initiatives, such as the use of sustainable toiletries, compostable coffee capsules, technology services and electric vehicles. In addition, Opago has established partnerships with companies that share its ambition for sustainability, such as One Water, Home Things and WWF Coffee. The company offers its services to property owners who want to benefit from these sustainable solutions.

Patronato y Turismo Costa del Sol

Turismo Costa del Sol focuses on the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the destination and the companies that make it up. They have developed initiatives to manage tourism sustainability indicators and promote the attraction of tourists with greater spending power.


Roomonitor offers technology solutions such as energy-efficient air conditioning controllers, digital locks and noise control systems to improve the sustainability and efficiency of tourist accommodations. Its products help hosts and property managers manage their properties more sustainably, while improving the guest experience.


SIMED, the real estate fair for second homes and real estate investment in the southern Mediterranean, promotes sustainable construction and presents solutions, projects, trends and new materials related to sustainability in the exhibition and forum. The fair also includes forums and conferences that open a window into the future of the real estate business, as well as the current and future situation of the real estate market, investor strategies and the effects of the pandemic. In addition, SIMED offers disruptive innovation focused on Prop-Tech, which generates growth opportunities for the sector, and helps startups and leading companies to present their projects to investors from all over the world.


Sustonica offers sustainability accreditation for holiday rentals based on the ONU 10 Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim of reducing emissions and influencing guests to reduce their consumption. Their final recognition is based on the reduction of electricity, gas and water consumption of holiday rental stays, and they offer a web application to show consumption in real time and encourage guests to save resources.


Tedee promotes sustainability through the use of recyclable aluminium, long-term product support and limiting resource consumption by eliminating the need to change locks. By choosing Tedee, users can unlock the path to a circular economy and make more conscious choices to protect the environment.


It is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, and offers CO2 offsets through sustainable M Climate Fund projects.

Expedia Group - Vrbo

Expedia Group has launched a new strategy called Open World, which focuses on three priorities: increasing access to travel for underserved travellers, democratising the travel economy and innovating sustainable solutions for the future of travel. The company is also committed to reducing its environmental footprint and supporting climate action in tourism, and is developing a long-term climate action plan for its own operation and to drive change across the industry.

We Respect

The WeRespect campaign promoted by Viutur aims to boost responsible and sustainable tourism by monitoring noise levels in 500 tourist homes in Valencia (Spain). This helps to reduce noise pollution, which is not only a nuisance for locals, but can also have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. By encouraging coexistence between tourists and local communities, Viutur contributes to the long-term sustainability of the Valencian tourism sector. Furthermore, by promoting compliance with the law and combating illegal flats, Viutur promotes a more sustainable and fairer tourism industry.