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Do you want to collaborate with Vitur?

Who can participate as media partner?

This form of collaboration is aimed at all professionals and companies interested in covering the Vitur Summit event. Places are limited.

The goal is to guarantee the attendance and participation in the event of national and international media in order to facilitate their work in the preparation of news pieces, and to give them a relevant space within the sector.

International professionals will benefit from total or parcial payment of their accommodation and travel expenses.

As a Media Partner, we will only ask for your commitment to offer media coverage before, during and after the event. By coverage, we mean all interviews, articles, and social media posts that you will publish across your network. We ask that you aim to create varied content. For example, your interviews can come in diverse formats videos, podcasts, or transcribed Q&As.

Your articles may include infographics and your social media posts could feature speakers’, sponsors’, volunteers’, or organisers’ quotes. When reaching your audience, you can send out dedicated emails about the event and include a Vitur Summit banner or logo on your site.

What are the benefits of collaborating with Vitur?

  • Badge with full access to the complete event (including fringe events).
  • Access to Vitur’s Media and Press area, with a business space and internet connectivity.
  • Invitation to all networking activities within the Vitur Summit event.


Media and press area

There will be a Media and Press area located inside the exhibition area in Vitur Summit 2024, which will take place in 8h and 9h of May in the NH Hotel Málaga, Spain.

Panels and keynotes will be held during all the event, and this area will facilitate a comfy space in which journalists can conduct interviews with high-level professionals of the sector participating in the event.

All the professionals accredited with a press badge will be able to use this area freely during the duration of the event.

Media professionals will also get access to the Vitur Summit press kit.

Accreditation policy

Media accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press who represent a media organisation.

Identification may be required after your application, to certificate your status as journalist. Freelance professionals may be required to send previous publications. Vitur reserves the right to choose applicants based on this information.

Media partners will only receive compensation for the expenses listed in the section above. Any non-explicitly pointed expense will not be covered by the organisation.

News and information

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